The year is 1879 amigo’s! Along with it comes great news which even the toddlers from the city of Lost Angels have heard about, THE CIVIL WAR HAS ENDED! Now, don’t go off thinking that there is peace at long last, far from it my friends. You see the South finally was able to succeed from the Union, with no small help from the British who agreed to help them if they would abolish slavery.

If that wasn’t exciting enough than how about the news of both the Union (USA) and the Confederate States of America (CSA) have also granted a large contract to the first Railroad Company to have a train go from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast. What exciting times, and it’s all thanks to Ghost Rock!

Yes padre’s that’s Ghost Rock, and anyone who’s anyone knows what it is (though everyone has their own idea’s…). The religious and devout tend to think that it’s the souls of the damned burning up from the inside of the rock (which is pure bulls$#% I can assure you), while the scientific keep explaining that it has something to do with pockets of air that expand and erm….uh….well..bottom line is it’s all just air that makes that shrill scream when it burn’s. But the marvels it provides us with are amazing! Finally man can now fly with the birds, swim with the fish’s (while living of course), and even create vests that are bullet proof (Vests of all things, I’m sure it will be fashionable in a few years…)!

With that out of the way lets do a quick lesson on the six groups in North America. The two biggest and most important factions would be the good ol’ US of A, and the CSA which I have already talked about. Then you have the Sioux nations that are run by Sitting Bull above Colorado (apparently they didn’t like the idea of working with other Indian tribes and are sticking to their old barbaric ways). Next to Oklahoma you have the Coyote confederation which is an alliance of Indian tribes who all go under the banner of the mysterious Coyote, rumor has it only a couple people know who he is and they ain’t talkin. Now, in California you have two big players in there. The first is the City of Lost Angel’s which belongs to the Mormons and their leader/preacher Reverend Grimme, who in exchange for bringing food and drink to his followers demands absolute respect (so much so that you can’t practice your own belief in the town!). The second is Shan Fan which is a Chinese run port town, the leader known is Kang is the most powerful of the Warlords residing there and as such has the most influence and tributes in his name.

All for now partner’s, check back for updates!